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NBB offers sophisticated drilling services for well building, measuring points, redevelopment and repairs, level care, maintenance and service - in Germany and all over the world.


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Well building    
Hamburger Wasserwerke GmbH Germany | Hamburg  
ALW Flensburg Germany | Flensburg  
Staatliche Umweltämter Itzehoe Germany | Kiel und Schleswig          
Stadtwerke Lübeck Germany | Bremen und Bremerhaven                 
Measuring points                                                                 
Hamburger Wasserwerke GmbH Germany | Hamburg                 
Bavaria Brauerei Germany | Bremen und Bremerhaven    
Redevelopment and repairs    
Elbtunnel Germany | Hamburg  
Deutsche Bahn Germany | Langenfelde  
Level care    
Maintenance and service    
World wide    
Dijbouti Republic of Djibouti  
Abu Dhabi UAE United Arab Emirates  
Allana Ethiopia  
G&B Ethiopia  
YARA Ethiopia  

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